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Do You Want Be Your Own Boss?

Stupid question...who doesn't?

77% of business owners are happier than the average worker.

The Life Of A Working Professional

Have you seen "The Matrix"? It is one of my favorite movies. I have watched it umpteen times. I distinctly remember a scene in which Mr. Anderson (Neo) suddenly wakes up with the harsh tone of the morning alarm. In the next scene, he is shown having a dialogue with his boss where his boss reprimands him for being late.

Have you faced similar incidents in your working life?

Every morning call of duty forces many working professionals to forcefully get up and get ready for their routine and uninspiring job. Their weekends too go by without any real relaxation or enjoyment.

They want to break the shackles of their job and escape the 9 to 5 life. They often dream about a balanced life where they can spend some quality time with their family. They want to pursue their passion but just can't let go of their regular income.

ps. In today's world, the concept of 9 to 5 has completely evaporated. Nowadays, professionals have to attend calls at odd times and work long hours because of virtual teams and work from home.

Is there a solution?

Yes. You can fire your boss...

Around 71% self employed individuals have greater career satisfaction.

Why Should You Fire Your Boss?

Everyone wants different things in life so their reason(s) for leaving the job and starting a business is also different. Some of them want to spend more time with their family. Others want to enjoy finer things in life. Still, others want to enjoy financial freedom.

Different people have different desires, different dreams, and different reasons to leave their job. What's yours?

Follow your passion

Spend more time with your family

Enjoy finer things in life

Generate employment for others

Create an asset for your progeny

Create your legacy

Escape 9 to 5

Give back to the society

Control your destiny

Entrepreneurs favor flexibility five times more than the potential to make money.

Why Most Professionals Are Not Able To Fire Their Boss?

There could be umpteen reasons for quitting the job. However, most people are not able to do it.

Do you know why?

They are afraid to let go of a constant stream of healthy income. They just can't fathom a life without a salary at the end of the month.

That is reasonable. It is too risky to let go of a steady stream of income. A regular flow of income is needed to support life.

Your case could be different from many other budding entrepreneurs. You don't need to take any risk. You don't need to quit your job until you start your business and make it profitable.

You don't need to quit your job to start your business?

Hey! I am Praveen Malik

Right from my college days, I had a constant and nagging itch to do something on my own.

I fired my boss way back in 2008 and I have never looked back since then.

I have never regretted that decision. In fact, I am happy that I took it. It changed my life...forever.

I started working in 1995 but it took me 13 long years to finally quit my job. For all those years, I was fearful of losing steady stream of income.

I could muster the courage to quit my job only after making arrangements for a steady income. I signed a one-year contract for conducting project management training workshops with a training company. It gave me the initial platform to start leading an independent life.

Later on, I used my project management expertise to create an online business around it.

Today, all my income comes from 8 different online businesses.

Let me tell you that you too can do this without dipping into your life savings and taking any extra risk. You too can start an online business soon and fire your boss only after your business becomes profitable.

You too can fire your boss just like I did many years ago.

Start online business...Make it profitable...Fire your boss.

How To Fire Your Boss"Risk Free"?

Stay risk free...Build an online business.

Twenty years ago if someone wanted to start a business, she would have thought about taking office space, setting up the phone & other utility services, build contractual relationships, and many other logistical things.

Things have changed today. You do not need to follow the traditional (most often risky) path to do a business.

You can start your business from the comfort of your home while sitting in your pyjamas. Or, from your local coffee shop if that gives you a more stimulating environment.

You just need a website and Internet connection. Of course, you have to put in hard hard work without which you will not succeed.

Online businesses trump traditional businesses in many ways. Here are some of the benefits of doing an online business.

1. You can start your business immediately.
2. You need nil very little investment.
3. Your risk is very low as you do not have to leave your regular job to start a business.
4. You do not need employees to start the business.
5. You do not need office space to start the business.
6. You can go beyond your geographical boundaries and target customers globally.
7. Your business runs 24*7 even when you are sleeping.
8. You can choose a niche with very low competition.
9. You lose almost nothing even if your business fails.
10. You can earn a full time income in 1-2 years (sometimes even before that).

Follow the path of least resistance and become an online entrepreneur.

Fire Your Boss In 3 Easy Steps


Start your online business.


Make it your primary source of income.


Quit your job.

Online Business Is Not eCommerce

There is a popular belief that online business is synonymous with eCommerce. It is not.

eCommerce is one of the ways of doing an online business. In fact, it is the most competitive, most risky, and most costly way of doing an online business. It is also the least remunerative way of doing an online business.

There are many better ways of doing an online business. Some of them are:

1. Displaying advertisements or showing sponsored content on your website.
2. Seeking voluntary contributions for providing free useful content.
3. Selling digital products.
4. Promoting others' products.
5. Selling services.
6. Holding online training.

Build a non-eCommerce online business.

Competition: Low

Risk: Low

Investment: Low

Return: High

Introducing "How To Build A Profitable Online Business?"

With zero risk and zero investment.

We are launching a no-frills, straight-to-the-point training program for learning the exact formula that Praveen used to build as a top Global blog in the project management space.

You will learn about the technical, marketing, monetizing aspects of an online business in our training program.

The training program discusses all types of online business strategies except eCommerce. It gives a special focus on promoting others' products.

The training program will be conducted as a series of 7 online modules. Every week one module will be released for study and implementation.

The training program will also include templates, guidelines, and checklists in order to implement various aspects of your online business.

Furthermore, you will be added to our private Facebook group, where you will get unlimited support. You can ask any question related to the training program and we will promptly respond.

In addition, you can opt to enroll in our live training and support. In this, you will get access to our weekly live group online meetings and one-to-one email support. The live sessions will be conducted by Praveen.

Note: This is not a training program to build an eCommerce website. It talks about eCommerce but does not include strategies and techniques to sell and ship physical products.

Praveen Malik

About The Instructor

Praveen is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP®) with a rich 25+ years of experience. Praveen is a trainer at heart and has been conducting classroom and online workshops for the last 13 years.

He started his first website ( in 2011 and later built it into an online business in 2015. Today, is one of the top 2 blogs in its niche. 99% of the content on this blog is free. But it ably supports Praveen's organization and his family.

After the success of, Praveen took a deep dive into the world of online businesses. He established a small organization and created a few other income-generating online properties.

What Will You Get When You Join Our Training Program?

Online Course + Members Community + Supporting Documents

  • Online Course (Training videos)  - Worth $397
  • Business Plan Templates- Worth $30
  • Helping Document for Forming a Business Idea- Worth $20
  • Legal Page Templates for Website- Worth $20
  • Supporting Documents (Guidelines & Checklists)- Worth $30
  • Members' Community (Lifetime access to closed FB group)- Priceless
  • Lifetime Access to Online Course - Priceless

Total Value of the Training Program: $497

* Online course with email support (No live support)

What All Is Included In The Online Course?


Module 1: Which Digital Medium is the Best?

  • Top 5 Digital Mediums
  • Importance of Website
  • Importance of Social Media
  • Importance of YouTube
  • Importance of Search Engines
  • How to get Website traffic?


Module 2: Different Ways To Do Online Business

  • Top 7 Online Business Strategies
  • Pros and Cons of Different Online Business Strategies
  • How to Start an Online Business with Zero Risk and Zero Investment?

Module 3: Plan your website

  • Finalize your Business Idea
  • Start with a SMART objective
  • Short Term and Long Term Time Planning

Module 4: How to Build your website?

  • Finalize your domain name
  • Set-up Hosting Service
  • WordPress 101
  • Install WordPress Themes
  • Install WordPress Plugins
  • Set-up Basic Pages
  • Take your Website Public

Module 5: Monetization of your Website

  • Finding Products to Promote
  • Build Affiliate Relationships

Module 6: How to Promote your Website?

  • Set-up Google Search Console
  • Set-up Google Analytics
  • Content Planning
  • Create Content for Traffic Generation
  • Content Optimization
  • Social Media outreach

Module 7: Steady State

  • Website Audits
  • New Content Creation
  • Old Content Update
  • Weekly monitoring

Join Our Training Program

How To Build A Profitable Online Business?


  • Online Course 
  • Members Community
  • Supporting Documents

* Online course with email support (No live support)

100% Money Back Guarantee

Secure Payment

Free Bonus Items

In order to smoother your journey into the entrepreneurial world, we would like to extend a helping hand. We will do your website setup free of cost so that you don't get mixed up in technical details. You can safely concentrate on your main business while we will take care of the initial setup.

WordPress Setup
  • WordPress Installation
  • Themes & Plugins Installation
  • Dashboard Management

Normally worth $200

Website Tracking Setup
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Search Console
  • Facebook Pixel

Normally worth $100

What Did Our Classroom Training Students Say?

Good formulation and coverage of concepts. Positive approach towards queries, which are cleared immediately. Well-designed course modules that add value to my knowledge about online marketing. Thanks, Praveen for your valuable guidance and positivity.

- Khairani Mohamed Aris

I attended Praveen's training session. It was extremely helpful and offered powerful information. He addressed each question with a thoughtful, helpful response, and tailored each presentation to the specific needs of the group.

- Roland F.

Praveen is a skilled, experienced presenter that has a unique gift for taking complicated information and explaining it in a way that everyone can understand. Even an experienced professional gains insight and tips from his presentations.

- Imeo Pang

Who Is This Training Program For?

This training program is for you 

even if you do not have

  • you have not thought about a business idea.
  • you think you do not have any special expertise.
  • you do not have any funds to start your business.

This training program is NOT for you 

if you are looking for

  • a get rich quick scheme.
  • an investment opportunity.
  • a training program to make money by doing nothing.

Training Program On "How To Build A Profitable Online Business?"

100% Money Back Guarantee.

Praveen makes complex concepts, easy to understand for the complete beginner (like me!) His straight-to-the-point, the no-time-wasting approach is fantastic. He builds new knowledge over recently learned concepts bringing all modules together beautifully.

- Ankit Agarwal -

I decided to take one of his training on SEO and I now only wish I had done this sooner! His training itself is really well structured, which really helped me stay focused.

- Bhraman Ratnam -

His warm personality makes learning a pleasure and his integrity as a mentor will see you succeed. When I launched my site 6 months ago, I was in search engine limbo, getting zero website traffic and no business inquiries. Today, business inquiries are pouring in. All thanks to what I learned from Praveen.

- Deepak Goel -

Our 100% Money Back Guarantee
We have got you covered
  • if you don’t like our training program
  • if you feel it wasn’t worth your investment
  • even if you just want your money back for no reason at all

Purchase today and you can simply ask for a refund anytime within the next 21 days. We will promptly process your refund without asking any questions.

No Questions asked...Iron clad...100% money back guarantee.

If You Have Read This Far...

Then you are really interested in this training program.

Enroll into our training program to give yourself a chance to

  • experience finer things in life
  • create an asset for your progeny
  • pursue your passion
  • spend more time with your family
  • or just enjoy freedom - time freedom, location freedom, financial freedom

Don't miss your chance to finally living your life that you have been dreaming.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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Do I need any special skills or expertise to start an online business?

Is it going to be zero investment business?

How much time will I have to devote to build my business?

I do not have any business idea. Will I be able to start my business?

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Training Program On "How To Build A Profitable Online Business?"